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The Simple Pop-up House, decorated

The Simple House Pop-Up
The Simple House Pop-Up

My last post (if you learn and teach only one pop-up, let it be this one!) provided a page on how to make this pop-up. The goal of this post  is to show off some of the ways that this cut-and-fold shape can be embellished. All the the work shown below is done by kindergarten students.  The card above is the one that I present to students before they get to work. After introducing the project we have a discussion about other ways to interpret the shape. There’s never any shortage of ideas.

Pop-up Bridge
Pop-up Bridge

Here’s the pop-up as a bridge, no doubt one of those great bridges going over the Hudson river.


Then there’s the Rocket Ship interpretation….


…as well as other ideas about flying.

Butterfly on a pop-up

This butterfly in the pop-up house is a bit hard to see, but I really love the writing that this kindergarten artist added to her work.

The pop-up as arm shields

Here are a couple of ingenious young Jedis who have realized that their pop-ups are completely functional arm shields.


Here’s the house as a crown. One thing that might be interesting (or annoying, depending on your mind-set) to note is that it’s likely you would be right if you tried to guess the gender of each of the children whose work I’m showcasing.

Michael's pop-up

Lot of energy here! This child is quite an active kid, and all that movement got focused into this card.


I’m not quite sure how the pop-up inspired this dinosaur drawing…though I do see that the scales on the dino’s back echo the cut shape. Whatever…it works for me.

pop=up house

Of course, many students make home sweet home, often with mom, dad, siblings and a cat. Then there are the barn and cows interpretations, sometimes the shape becomes a pencil or a dog house, a bee hive, or an ocean wave.

One thing to keep in mind when teaching students is that somewhere along the line in school they will be faced with learning about lines of symmetry. Pop-ups like this one are a great hands-on activity to teach the concept of lines of symmetry.

My last post featured the colored tutorial page for this structure. Here’ s the same page, uncolored:

Black and White Simple House Pop-up by Paula Beardell Krieg
Black and White Simple House Pop-up by Paula Beardell Krieg

Hopefully you’ll color this one in yourself.

If you are interested here are links to a couple more of my posts about pop-ups:

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