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Announcing a new page on my sidebar: Gallery of Student Work .

Now, here’s the back story.


A Page from my files
A Page from my files

Last week,  at my daughter’s school. when I was bemoaning that my work schedule precluded my attendance at the next parent meeting,  a parent that I have known for years, and who l very much like, asked me what I do. It is hard to explain to people what it is that I do, which is one reason that I keep a blog.  But I realized that if I sent Lauri a link to my blog she would have to do a good bit of sifting through posts and more posts to see what I do.

Part of Pinterest Page for Bookzoompa
Part of Pinterest Page for Bookzoompa

It occurred to me to direct her to Pinterest, to look at pins from Bookzoompa, but I this didn’t seem like the best solution, either.  It made me sad to realize that this blog hadn’t made it easy to answer the “What do you do?” question. But I had an idea. This is my idea:  It’s a new page on the sidebar of my blog, which simply is photo after photo of work done by students that I have worked with.  Soon I hope to add more pages: one which puts all my tutorials in one place;  and another that shows the work that I do when I am not working with students.

Please take a peek at this new page and let me know what you think. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “What I Do

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed looking through your students’ gallery. You are fortunate to bring to them something that is much needed but sorely underfunded, art education. Integrating art with the concepts that they are learning in their subject matter instruction only helps to cement the knowledge in a way that is fun for them. Keep up the wonderful work of fostering a love of art in children.


  2. Love the side bar gallery great idea, I want one! I book marked your wonderful site this time last year. I’m doing a re-run of a pupil and parent bookmaking workshop next week and was going through my notes and resources and rediscovered you! I will definitely be passing on your url to this years group too. When you take a well earned tea break you might like to check out my blogs too.


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