Box · November 20

Three Years and a Day

November 20, 2012: Happy Birthday to Bookzoompa, my web log.

Big colors

Yesterday marked the end of the third year that this blog has been up and running.  143,674 visits, as of yesterday. To celebrate I made some big splashes of color with Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Blank Box Template
Adobe Blank Box Template

Tucked away inside of the Templates of Adobe I found this pattern for a traditional Japanese envelope/box.  I like just making big pages of color with Adobe, but I also like doing something with the designs.

colored boxes templates
Patterned Templates for Traditional Money Envelopes

I added the colors to the templates, folded the curved lines, and glued the long edge. Then I filled the boxes with teas bags that were filled with  herbal tea harvested from my garden.

Birthday Boxes

Thank you for visiting my Happy Birthday Blog post.  Make yourself a box from me, as my thanks to you for stopping by and honoring me with your attention.

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