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How to Make a Tabletop Stage

How to Make a Tabletop Stage by Paula Beardell Krieg
How to Make a Tabletop Stage by Paula Beardell Krieg

This goes along with the photos in my last post, which shows paper folded and cut in such so as to encourage young playwrites to put on a show. It’s a sweet little project, especially designed for the Pre-k and K crowd.  I used a medium weight paper which was about 23″square before folding, but just about any size will work. I made a few little stages out of 8 1/2″ squares, regular copy weight paper, and they were charming.

learning how to work in illustrator

I’m including a few screen shots of the process here because working in Adobe Illustrator is such a new thing for me. I’ve been making my hand-outs through a laborious, materials intensive use of paper, scanning, copying, tracing, drawing, coloring on and on until I get things just right. I’ve known that there is an easier way, so, rather than abandon what has become a process that it less and less fun to do, I’m trying out something new.

Screen shot of Adobe Ilustrator

Isn’t this funny, all the shapes lines up ready to be put in their place?

I like the more hand-done look of my other hand-outs, and as I learn this program more (and when I get a new scanner) I will be able to get close to the look that I like. In the meantime, I am enjoying this learning curve.

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