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Book Arts Summer In Salem 2012

Book Basket with bright ides flying out of the pages

A longer than usual silence on the blog here….I have been busy at work getting ready to be part of a show nearby at North Main Gallery here in Salem.  Johanne Renbeck has been busy, too, getting ready for the show. Here’s a lovely photo lifted from her blog, which she, unlike myself,  has attended to while getting things together.

Johanne Renbeck refers to this as a sketch for a piece that she is creating for the Book Arts Summer In Salem Show at North Main Gallery

Johanne’s work will be exhibited in the annex  gallery space. My work will be in the north space, along with eight tunnel books created by Salem Central School students who worked through the spring with Ed Hutchins, making tunnel books. I don’t have any images of their books to post just yet, but hope to find my camera a post some of these soon.

In the meantime, I am working on some hanging pieces and find that I have much to say about what I am working on. I have so many words in my head that go along with my wordless books, that I wondering about typing up paragraphs to say what I want to say, and posting them along with the work.

Artist’s Block

For instance, I will be showing a piece that looks something like the image in this photo, entitled Artists’ Block.  To me, it’s sort of a funny piece, a pun even, because it is, in fact a block of boards piled together and connected together with a series of side hinges.  I made piece as a response to my daughter asking me about the concept of an artists’ block. My point of view is that the more open that my own mind is the less likely I will be experience the dreaded  drying up of ideas….so this book is a block only when it is closed. When it opens up it if full of joyful color and musings.

I need to close up this post and make dinner for my family, then, hopefully, get bacl to work, though here’s a detail of another image of a piece that will be hanging….

More to come….show opens July 21.

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