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Biography Book for Second Graders

I’ve been working on a way of putting together a book to use as a folder for biography reports written by second graders. The teachers that I am collaborating with on this want something fun and a bit unusual. One thing they are considering is asking the students to dress up as the person whose biography they are writing.  People will ask then ask these costumed students questions to try to figure out who they are.  I like that thought. And I can do something like that with their books….

I am going to propose that we use popsicle sticks to create stick figures, which the students will then dress using appropriate colors, styles and textures. These little people will live in an origami pocket in on the right side of the first spread of pages.

Of course there needs to be a place for the clues. A graduated page book seems like a good structure to attach into the book to hide and show the clues.

The next spread is where the artistic fun really begins. My little guy is supposed to be Peter Pan. In this second spread of pages Peter is surrounded by his world: a pirate ship, an open window, Tinkerbell. Neverland, Second star to the Right..

It’s hard to see from this photo, but Tinkerbell is in mid-air on a pop-up and the pirate ship is attached to a paper spring. Pop-ups and paper springs are great activities for second graders.

Here’s the “booK” spread out flat. It’s a single 17″ x 23″ cover weight paper, folded like a Book Base.

I will be sending a off a link to this post to the teachers this evening, and hopefully I will be posting student work of this project by the end of March.  Keeping my fingers crossed.