Valentines, Crayoned

I like sending out Valentines. This year I wanted use crayons to draw out hearts.

When I was thinking about how I wanted to make my valentines I knew that what I wanted to do was to do something by hand, and to make something to share that I thought was beautiful and fun. I like crayon drawings, especially my own crayon drawings. I have been drawing hearts and coloring them in all day long today.

I didn’t anticipate that it would take so long to draw the cards. But each card seemed to take longer than the one before, as I happily laid down color after color. Hot magenta and cerulean are the colors that got the most play.

Valentines in progress
Valentines in progress

Each Valentine card is postcard size, 3 1/2′ x 5 1/2″. I drew them on a large sheet of paper so that I could draw all the way to the edges, which always looks better to me. Also, I liked that bits of each drawing shared some overflow colors with each card that it was surrounded by.

Sheets of Valentines
Valentines Sheet.waiting to be cut apart

They are all done now…I have 1 hour and 10 minutes before it is officially Valentines Day. Which means that my Aunt Angela, my mother, everyone else who is far away, will be getting their cards late.

Valentine point

Late or not….

A Valentine for You from Paula Krieg
A Valentine for You

…here’s wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

11 thoughts on “Valentines, Crayoned

  1. Hi Paula, Happy Valentine’s Day. This blog shows how much love you have to share. Love it. El is home sick with bronchitis – I will send this to her and to Tom Wilson. Can’t wait for the mail.

    Your sister.


  2. Nice pictures – and good, detailed instructions, too. Keep up the good work.

    I remember you from Morris Plains. (Oh-oh – I’m getting nostalgic now!)



    1. Well, hello James Gurlacz! Your name is carved into my elementary school soul. You know, I have for many years wished that all of us who went through Borough School together could get together…8th graders approaching 60….I lost track of most people from Morris Plains after we were all poured into the great melting pot of Morristown High School. Did you go to Morristown High? It sounds like Morris Plains is nostaligically distant for you: I still have reason to frequent the place. Botwins is long gone, there is no hardware store on the main drag, and the traffic is much worse. The elementary school seems dwarfed by all the building that has gone on in the Plains.
      Thanks for your note.
      It was good to hear from you.


      1. Yeah, the Morris Plainers are probably scattered all over the country by now. I went to Morristown High for a year, and then we moved to Virginia early in the next school year. I didn’t keep in touch with anyone and haven’t yet been back. I’ve been out here in Arizona for almost 20 years as it is. We’ll have to organize a reunion one of these days.
        Good luck and take care.


      2. Well, I’m more than a little bit impressed that you recognized my name when you saw it, especially if you moved away so many years ago. I can’t help but wonder how you stumbled upon my site…are you in education? IN any case, thanks for writing.


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