Brooklyn Bound

Sketchbook Project Envelope

It’s January 31, the deadline for sending in a sketchbook to The Sketchbook Project 2012. My next stop is the post office.

sketchbook page

When I first read about The Sketchbook Project it was almost too late to request to be part of it.  This is how it worked: I signed up, sent them money, and they collect, scan, catalogue and show thousands and thousands of sketchbooks done by artists all over the world.  I love this concept, and the way it has been implemented.

I draw nearly every day, so there was no question in my mind that this is something that I should be part of. The  sketchbook they provided is modest in size: 7″ x 5 ” containing 8 folded papers to created 32 drawing pages. At first I thought it was a bit too small, but I grew to appreciate its diminutive size as it was easy to fill, and not too precious to send off.

The cover of the book  is a simple folded piece of book board: thin, folded, and stapled.  Of course I had to mess with the binding….

…but I messed with it only a little. Cut out a window, replaced the staples with sewing.  In fact I like the look of the board. I thought of drawing on the cover but chose not to.

I filled most of the pages with sketches.  I worked in it the same way that I work in my own sketchbooks: I find something that’s challenging to draw, then I draw it repeatedly until I feel like I better understand the visual language of the object.  I also wrote on a few of the pages.   At first my thoughts were trying to push through, so I let them. But that didn’t last long.

This is what I most liked about getting involved with this sketchbook initiative: they sent me emails reminding me to sketch. OMG, no one has ever done that for me before. I get emails reminding me to pay bills, show up for meetings, to take political actions etc etc, but no one sends me emails encouraging me to sketch. I love being reminded to draw, irregardless of whether or not I need the nudging.

Dedicated to Jose Gaytan
Dedicated to Jose Francisco Gaytan

Since this book is being sent off to Williamsburg Brooklyn, just a few blocks away from where I lived for many years, and right in the area where my friend Jose Gaytan took thousands of photos during the 1980’s and 90’s, I decided to dedicate my book to him before I sent it off into the world.

And off it goes………..

6 thoughts on “Brooklyn Bound

  1. Hi Paula,
    What a lovely way to honor Jose. Wish I could be a fly on the wall when they look over your sketches. Can’t wait to see what they publish. It is all so exciting. Keep me (us) posted.
    Warm Regards,
    PS. Loved the “Off to Africa” comments!


  2. Hi Paula,
    Yes, it is a really lovely way to honor Jose. The sketchbook looks terrific, too. I like the knotty things – they remind me of yarn. And problem solving. Such a sweet book. Thank you for letting me know. xx Lisa


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