November 20, 2011: Weblog Two-Year Old Birthday

November 20, 2011

A Drawing for SJ Share, because she showed me how to love the color orange

Today I can say I’ve been blogging for two years.

I absolutely love having this weblog.

This year I’ve noticed an ebb and flow with adding to this site. About two and a half years ago I began following  Nina Judin’s site and blog, and found that I liked how she seemed to come to her writing according to an internal schedule and I liked absorbing the feel of her own particular rhythm.   So, although if feels good to me to be adding to these posts about once a week, I try not to make the blog an  item on my to-do list. There are times (like now!) that I don’t have time to write all the things that I want to write about. Other times, I need space to process. Silences in blogging mark the places where I shift. I like have records of those silences just as much as I like having a record of images and words.

So, happy birthday to my blog, and, once again, thank you WordPress!

4 Responses to “November 20, 2011: Weblog Two-Year Old Birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday, Bookzoompa! I love your weblog, Paula. Thanks for all the generous, delightful inspiration. Cheers, Jo


  2. Sharon Says:

    Happy Birthday! I get so much inspiration from your work. Thank you and I hope you have many, many more!


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