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Books In Black: A New Page

A Wringer for a Mop by Dolores Taylor
A Wringer for a Mop by Dolores Taylor

The first exhibition of BASIS: Book Arts Summer In Salem 2011 opens this coming Friday, July 1 , 6:00 to 8:00pm at the  Old Washington Courthouse in Salem,NY. Personally, I am looking forward to this opening with happy anticipation since, not only will I have the opportunity to see a plethora of high quality artists’ books on display, but I will have a chance to visit with the magnificent Ruth Edwards. I have known Ruth for nearly all the years that she has been involved in the book arts. When I first met Ruth she was novice bookmaker. Her creativity, energy and inspiration comes together in the organization of Books In Black.

Slave toi Fashion by Elizabeth Keckley
Slave toi Fashion by Elizabeth Keckley
Rather paraphrasing, here is the description from the catalogue:

BooksInBlack was founded in 2001 to create and exhibit sculptural artists’ books that reflect the triumphs and struggles of persons of African ancestry. The people acknowledged in these works reflect the heritage of the emerging and experienced artists that form the collective. They use the book form to expand the definition of what a book can be. According to founder, Ruth E. Edwards, “the books themselves become pieces of art. They may flip, flop, or fly, but they seldom resemble the traditional book.”  The work is entertaining as well as educational. They will challenge some viewers, while enlightening others.

Here’s a photo of the artists whose work will appear in the show. A number of these artists will be coming up from NYC for the opening.

Seated: Ruth E. Edwards, Brenda H. Falus, Ione M. Foote. Standing: Irene M. Mays, Yvonne Lamar-Rogers, Harriette Washington-Williams, Valerie Deas, Gail Beckford, Oneal Abel, Dolores Taylor, Shimoda, Jamil Abdul-Azim, Zawadi

I hope to post photos the opening so stay tuned! Unless you have to fly half-way across the world (I’m thinking of you all down under…) I hope to see you there.  By the way, I anticipate it would be worth making a trip half way around the world to see this show.

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