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Sight Word Pockets Books for Kindergarteners

Sight Words Book

A few years ago a kindergarten teacher and I cooked up this book making project for her class, with the intent of linking my book making to her curriculum. This teacher wanted a project that related to a list of sight words that she wanted her students to know when they left kindergarten.

Kindergarten Book project

What we came up with was this four-page accordion, that begins with a piece of paper that is about 8 1/2 inches tall and 26 inches long. I generally hand out the paper to this age group with the first fold already made. They do the rest of the folding by themselves.

Origami Books in Accordion Book

Next, I teach the kindergarteners how to make an origami pocket out of 7 1/2 inch squares. It used to make me nervous to think about making origami pockets with five year olds, but I have learned that they are very capable of making this structure. I might never have tried it at all, but when my own son was 5 years old he learned to make it farily quickly, which is what gave me confidence to show it to other children.

Each page is labeled with a section of the alphabet, using capital letters. Right now, which is near the end of the school year, and which is also the time that I generally do this project with Kindergarten classes, these young students are often working on their lower case letters and need support doing all upper case letters for the alphabet strip.

K Sight words in Pockets

Students then work on writing out their sight words.I am generally not in the classroom when they do this, which is a good thing as I don’t have a clue on how to motivate students to write out words. The words then get sorted somewhat alphabetically, meaning that they get stored on the page that displays the first letter of the word.

Books made by Kindergarteners

I choose the color of the pockets for each page to correspond to the alphabet strips – Blue is on the first page; green is second; pink, third; yellow, last. Also, I give them paper-punched embellishments, that are also placed on the page with alphabetical order in mind: butterfly, heart, star, and tree.

The alphabet strips are decorated using markers. By this time of this school year I don’t like assuming that the students still have markers that are fresh, so I bring in a pile of my own. For their little hands I am using a new marker by crayola, called Pip Squeaks. They are small, cute, and novel: guaranteed to please.

These photos are from the students of the classroom teachers who worked with me on creating this project. We now do it together every year that she is not out on materity leave….Other K teachers have picked this project for their students, too. Lucky me: it’s a great project to teach.

Here’s a PDF of Kindergarten Lines to copy on to cover weight paper. These are the lines that I use to write out the alphabet and that I give to teachers to use with their students to write out their sight words.

2 thoughts on “Sight Word Pockets Books for Kindergarteners

    1. I’m glad that you tried this! Did you find that many of your kindergarteners really got the hang of making the origami pockets? Each time I teach this project to classes (about three times a year) I am thrilled by how many 5 year olds get the hang of the origami, and start doing it independently.


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