Making books with elementary students

Back Blogged?!

I wonder there is already a word for when a blogger is so busy with the subject that they are blogging about that there’s no time to spend on documentiation.

And if there is no time for writing, reflecting and displaying…..

and if the projects keep piling up (in a wonderful way, of course)….

and if the photo archives are bursting, waiting to be posted,

book with red design

well, I think that it would be appropriate to call that being…


Fourtunately, New York schools are on vacation this week, which means that I have a week off from work. Gonna start getting through those backblogs.

6 thoughts on “Back Blogged?!

  1. “Backblogged”, enjoyed the post & the photos…a picture may be worth a thousand words but I laughed when I saw the use of backblogged. LOL


    1. Thanks for taking a look here, Maria…it going to be fun to show how some of this work that is started here develops in the coming weeks. The first photo of this group is a project that looks particularly promising. It’s to be a book about birds in the Adirondacks. When the middle panels open a bird drawing will be surrounded by its habitat, made of cut paper, drawings foam cut outs, and simple pop ups. So far so good!


  2. Paula, first, this was very amusing. Thanks.

    Second, you reminded me of my vision at one time to collaborate with you in full scale deployment of Pocket-Full-of-Wonder project…..your book concepts fit in so well with this project’s goal of helping kids internalize and master outdoor experiences and earth science/geography learning with personalized handcrafted books.



    1. Hi Cynthia,
      When I first started doing this blog, for the first time I started to see a common thread throug many of the projects. It actually surprised me to notice just how many of the books that I do with students are about the natural workd, This post shows the biginnings of a book about birds in their habitat, a book about trees in the Adirondacks, and outer space. Right now I’ve also been working with a classes making books about seasons, the rainforest, life in the ocean and the parts of a plant. it’s interesting;: even though today’s children seem further and further away from nature, the work that they do about the natural work appeals to them deeply.


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