exposed sewing

Little Long Stitch

Here’s a longstitch binding that I have worked on here and there for the last few days. The book is just under four inches square.

This is how it looked before sewing, all lined up with the holes punched out and with slits on the spine piece. Most of the book is made with heavy watercolor paperthat my friend Julie gave to me.

Sewing is done here. This is where I stalled out for awhile, trying to figure out what to do for the cover.

I decided on covering thin book board with silver Stardream paper that my friend Abbott gave to me. It’s great having friends. After gluing the boards to the spine piece….

…I cut a swirl in an endpaper and glued that down too. Done! I’m thinking of using this as a sketch book: anything would look in it.
Now, time to get back to work getting ready for the classes that I am teaching this week. Then sleep.

6 thoughts on “Little Long Stitch

  1. Hi Paula
    I do so love receiving your blog update emails. They are so inspiring how lucky you are having a job in which you combine doing what you love and teaching others to do it to!! I’m keen to make more of my off-work time so that I can do things like this too 🙂
    all power to you


    1. Bronwyn, I saw that you signed up for the email updates, and I think of you, half-way around the world as I make new posts. I really have to thank you for inspiring me to post those directions for the Jelly Bean books…my blog stats indicate that these directions are viewed quite often.

      It’s good to hear from you.


    1. HI Susan!
      I am so glad you took a look at this! I was going to email you with a link to this.
      Now, I am so jealous of the students who are taking your next long stitch class. It was great learning this from you.


  2. you never cease to amaze me. i have spoken to the PT art teacher at Dorothy Nolan….im hoping one of these days you two can meet…and then the three of u can plan a project together…what do you think+


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