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Handmade Book for my Teenager

Long Stitch Book by Paula Krieg

My daughter’s birthday is coming up. She mentioned that she will be needing a new sketchbook soon (“I only have two pages left and that won’t last me long.’) Since it is Still Snowing and since I am Centrally Located in the Middle of Nowhere there is no way I will get to a store by her birthday. Therefore, to hold her over, I made her a book.

This book is made by doing a Long Stitch Binding. This is a sewing pattern that I learned last weekend in NYC from Susan Mills, who teaches bookbinding, one book at a time.  I had met Susan just recently, and was intrigued by her Full Tilt Single Session Bookbinding Classes which teaches one book structure in three hours.

Longstitch Bound Book

This is the book I made in Susan Mills class. My goal was to be a good student and make a good, simple model book. Susan talked about decorative options, which I filed away in my head,. I admire the simplicity and elegance of this binding, but, even more, I appreciate how the spine seems to just beg for beads and decorative touches.
Long Stitch Book, Decorative Spine, by Paula Beardell Krieg

I used a silver rattail 2mm cord, added beads with beading cord, and wrapped the cord with some colorful string. It’s about 7 1/2 inches square. I plan on giving this to my daughter tomorrow. I do not hold out much hope that she will like it. After all this is a handmade book that her mom made and she is a teenager. But it will do (I hope) until I can get to AC Moore to buy her a proper sketch book. In a week or two I will possibly sneak in her room and rescue this book from the floor (under her bed?) before it disappears entirely.

4 thoughts on “Handmade Book for my Teenager

    1. Good thinking…she probably will like it someday. As it stands now, it hasn’t even yet made it up to her bedroom. She said she liked it, but there it sits, right where she unwrapped it…Thanks for appreciating it. I will wish her a happy birthday from you all.


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