Taking Time to Make Valentines and Enjoy Winter

One of the classroom teachers that I worked with today let me look through a stack of Valentines that her students had made. I found these to be so delightful that I took some photos to post here.

Winter outside my window - Paula Beardell Krieg

But first let me say that it’s a good thing that I love what I do, because looking out the window and seeing these trees covered with snow again does not inspire me to get up and go.  The words in the title of this post (“…and Enjoy Winter” ) do not currently apply to me. It’s getting harder every day to enjoy winter. But I enjoy drawings of winter, which is something that is also featured in this post. But first the Valentines.

Danielle, the classroom teacher, told her First Graders the she only required that the students use a doily and that they were to keep their designs symmetrical (I wonder if she used the word symmetrical with her first graders.  I’ll be she did.)

She put out a selection of materials and then stood back and watched.

Students came up with a wide variety of designs. Each one of different and lovely.

In the nest classroom over Karen’s class had wonderful winter drawings mounted on the walls in the hallways.

When my children were little the art of children as a whole didn’t interest me because it seemed to be ordinary and everywhere. But as my children got older I began to miss seeing the wonderfully expressive work that children do, and realized children’s art is a world that is hidden away from anyone who is not a teacher or parent of young children.

Now, whenever I somewhere that children’s work is on display, I stop and drink it in.

Notice how different the snowmen are: it’s pretty clear that the children were instructed to give the snowman a black hat, a charcoals smile, and stick arms. Even so, each snowman has his own look. And each child expresses a different sort of interaction with their snowman.

These drawings almost make me like winter again. Almost.
Now time to get to making my own valentines….while my husband shovels snow.

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