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Making Books about Countries: a project with third graders

    Here is a project that debuted with third graders this past spring, as part of their Countries of the World unit.

The teachers wanted the students to be able to present their work in a format that would help to motivate and reinforce reasearch.  We weren’t able to get started on this project until mid-May, so it was important that it could be finished by the end of the school year.

The covers, above, included the title, as well as a the outline of a world map (complete with compass rose). Students decorated and labeled the compass rose, and colored in the world map, highlighting Brazil.  

The inside of the book, which is really a folder, has room for smaller books.  What’s also nice is that there is an opening on the right side to slip in full sheets of paper.  This is both a storage place for research that is awaiting placement in one of the little books, as well as a spot where other research can be found.

On the left side of the spread the students pasted in an origami pocket.  This pocket is the home of a little book which contains information about Brazil.  The book is made of a folded piece of copy paper which contains half sheets of folded, lined notebook paper.  The pages and cover are held together with a thin (#19) rubber band.

Some students drew illustrations right over the lines,to go along with their writing.

Other students drew on separate pieces of drawing paper, then, with a glue stick, attached them onto the pages of their books.

Some students chose not to draw at all.

 They seemed to have a great time with the covers.

This is enough for one post….more about this book in a couple of days…

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