Artful Recycling

Art and Recycling, again

Since I recently posted about a contribution that I made to support recycling, I wanted to follow that with this post showcasing my husband’s contribution to a  local recycling effort.  It started with a call from Ann, who was helping out the local arts organization, Hubbard Hall.  HH was hosting a “trash bash” over the Halloween weekend.  People were to come in costumes made from recycled materials.  Trophies were to be given out.  Ann thought that it would be appropriate for the trophies to made out of recycled materials.

Using found objects to create sculptures is not something that I generally do….but my husband has a real talent in this arena. So I volunteered his services (always a dangerous thing to do, but I risked it.)  He made four trophies.  I have to say that I am jealous of the people who received them.

I think Marcel would have approved….

var elt = document.getElementById(‘calculator’);
var calculator = Desmos.GraphingCalculator(elt);
calculator.setExpression({id:’graph1′, latex:’y=x^2′});

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