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Art and Recycling

recycling sign for dirty Linens

A couple of weeks ago my dear friend Nancy, an avid recycler, sent me an email labeled “Favor” which included these words:

“Before next Saturday’s Compost Workshop (Nov 13) we need nine 8-1/2 x 11 signs, which I will have laminated so we can re-use them at future events. ”

recycling Sign for Compostable Food Scraps 8 1/2 x 11

I had no idea what a compost workshop was, but I make it habit to say yes to Nancy, as everything that has come through her to me has been a gift.

Recycling Sign for Glass Bottles, 8 1/2 x 11 drawing by Paula Beardell Krieg

I had to ask her for some clarification. At the top of her list was “Dirty Linens.”  I had never heard of anyone recycling dirty linens.  She explained that the signs were for a dinner event which supplied diners with washable napkins. Okay. I like drawing draping cloth.

I decided to print the text and drawings on an off-white stock.  Also, I decided that I would hand color some small areas on the papers.  It wasn’t until after I was completely attached to these parameters that I realized that Nancy wanted to make numerous copies of the signs.  Since color printing is a whole other budget consideration, I made a second set of pages that are just black and white, meant for reproduction….and, for anyone who so desires, for coloring.   So, here’s  recycle signage in black and white, for anyone who is interested.

Recycling sign for Cans

I still offered Nancy the set that is slightly colored, to use as she wishes.

Her next note was as follows: “Success…..copies made and laminated.. Very pricey….but the product is good.
Huge thanks to you.”

Next came a forward from an organizer of the workshop:

“With over 100 people we generated virtually no waste for disposal (at the incinerator). Last Sat. Melissa and I picked up close to 50 regular plates (free, which Melissa washed) at the Kingsbury Reuse Center, Aaron borrowed silverware from his church, and some of you brought extra mugs for others to use.

Nancy made a great contribution by designing the Zero Waste sorting system and getting signage made for future community events”

Since I did not sign the drawings, I suppose that they were viewed as clip art?  Nancy, in her “reply all” response gave me credit:  ” Paula Krieg illustrated the zer0-waste signs, and I really think much of the success goes to having clear pictures for people.   ”

Now,  here’s the last sign for the recycling line.  I particularly enjoy this one, a broken heart for hopeless garbage.

recycling signage by Paula Krieg

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