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Two days of Teaching at The Center For Book Arts, NYC

This past weekend I taught at Center For Book Arts in NYC, two one-day classes for adults. Attendees were interesting, smart, enthusiastic and creative. What a pleasure for me! We made lots of different types of books in these classes. I think that the highlight of Sunday was this beaded binding, based on the Chain Stitch that I learned from a book by Ketih Smith.( 1,2,&3 Section Sewings, page 220).

We also made simple pamphlet sewn books, pop-ups. a large accodion book, numerous origami book structures, as well as a variation of Hedi Kyle’s invention, the Blizzard Book.

Saturday’s class was full of simpler structures. as the class was designed for and filled with teachers. I think that the highlight of Saturday was seeing what the class did with the cut-paper decorative techniques that I presented.

We also made origami pockets and pamphlets, a pyramid with pop-ups, a big notebook, paper springs, booklets with various bindings (rubber band, paper fasteners, modified pamphlet stitch), an accordion with a pocket, and more.

There are a few books that I want to mention here, that are helpful to me and that I think would be helpful to others.

First is Books, Boxes and Wraps by Marilyn Webberley. This is a great book, comprehensive, inspiring, and about $50.
ISBN: 1886475008 | ISBN-13: 9781886475007

Keith Smith books, which will cost you about $35 each
I refer to his Non-Adhesive Binding, Volumes I, II, and III extensively. Some people find following his directions challenging, but I am drawn to the detailed clarity of his style of presentation.

This next book is one that I helped to author. The projects are simple and nicely presented. A good, very basic collection of projects, about $12.
25 Totally Terrific Social Studies Activities: Step-by-Step Directions for Motivating Projects That Students Can Do Independently
By: Kathy Pike Jean Mumper Paula Krieg
ISBN: 0439498309 ISBN-13: 9780439498302
This book contains many simple structures which can be easily done by teachers with their elementary students. If you want to do the Origami Pamphlet, though, use the directions from the hand-out found on this site, not the ones in the book (one drawing is out of place…)

The book that I taught that has the most steps was the book designed by Hedi Kyle. I did not, and will probably never, created a hand-out for this book. It can be done in many sizes. I like to make it in such a way that it becomes a spine piece, into which accordioned or Book Base pages can inserted. The spine piece that I used with Sunday’s class was 17″ x 7 5/8″, grain short. Our pages were made following my Book Base directions, using 8 1/2′ x 11″ paper. Here is a link to some directions that use different proportions for the spine piece:
Hedi Kyle’s Blizzard Book

2 thoughts on “Two days of Teaching at The Center For Book Arts, NYC

  1. Hi Paula..
    oh that is such a fun blog! So of course I cannot go for the $50 book but I must make the rubber band teeny book with my granddaughter SOON!! Can you run the method by me when I have the materials? Then I can do it with her. The beads make it perfect.
    Thank you for your talents!


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