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A Simple Book (with Potential)

Bookmaking with a Single Sheet of Paper. Click on Image for Printing or Reading.

           My posts on 9/27/2010 and 9/28/2010 showcased some lovely books about biomes made by second graders after their teacher and I coaxed them into book making.  The basic structure that we used is something that I have come to call a Book Base, since it is a basic structure that can be used by itself, for a short book, or can be made into a long book by linking many of these structures together (more about that later.)

The First Page of A Book made from one Book Base

       For now, I am posting these directions, in color (above) and in black and white.  

      I will be writing one more post containing details about how to put together the biome books.  This is all for now.

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