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Biome Books with Mrs. DePace’s Students

bi·ome    NOUN: A major regional or global biotic community, such as a grassland or desert, characterized chiefly by the dominant forms of plant life and the prevailing climate.

   This past spring, for about the 12th year in a row, I had the great pleasure of making books with the elementary students of Mrs. De Pace.  Generally when I work in schools I try to leave the teachers with a minimal amount of work to do alone with the students.  I try to help structure every piece of the project.  Not so with Mrs. DePace’s classes.  I pile work on her (as per her wishes).   Each year Mrs. DePaces’s students second-grade students rise to her standards and create extraordinary books.

    This past spring Mrs. DePace requested that I work with her class on making Biome Books.  Each student in her class picked a Biome to research.   The design elements of these books had to include room for a visual representation of the biome, as well as plenty of writing space about the animals and plant life, climate and characteristics and location of the biome.  


We made a book, then that was  a mere two spreads long.  The first spread is mostly visual.  The second page contains all the writing,

Bookmaking with second graders     

     The first spread of pages is the a dramatic illustration of a specific biome.  This page is done with cut paper designs and gel marker.  There are two pop-ups on the page, an indigenous animal in an origami pocket, and a label popping off of the pages thanks to the paper springs that the label is attached to.

   My next few posts will contain more photos of these student made biome books, along with the details of their construction.  Now, however, its time for to pick up my daughter from school, so this is all for today….


Biome Posr #2

Biome Post #3

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