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Catching the Season

Bergamont Drawing
Bee Balm: Mint Family

   The past Monday my  friend Jocelyn and I harvested wild bee balm, to use to make tea.  We were catching just the end of the peak season: already many of the petals were turning brown.  Wednesday I went looking for bee balm to draw, but I was too late.  Although their light purple blush still colors the hillside, the individual flowers have begun to deteriorate beyond my interest in drawing them. Fortunately, the garden variety is still hardy near my doorstep, so for the second time this season I focused on this bright red floozy of a flower. 

This prints up nicely on envelopes. 

This sprig of rosemary is one of the drawings from Tuesday.   It was done with my neighbor, Suvir, in mind,  as he especially admired my drawing of parsley that I printed on an envelope and gave to him. 

I had a hard time with this herb.  I did a couple of these, and gave a different one to Suvir.  My husband, today, said the other (unpictured) drawing looked more like fennel than rosemary. 

Everyone’s a critic…..

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