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Celebrating the Growing Season


After a full, season of creating books with students in classrooms, I am happy spend my mornings wandering around my husband’s gardens, harvesting, then drawing the what I pick.  This parsley was picked and drawn this morning (colored pencil and drawing pencil) .  It took me two mornings of trying to get the hang of the leaf shape.    


I started off these daily drawings by drawing on envelopes.  The first one I did, of garlic scapes, I sent off to my cousin John.  I didn’t keep a copy of it, and immediately regretted it.  Well, not really, but I started keeping the originals, and making copies.  All on envelopes.   


After awhile I began to see a problem with drawing on envelopes…after I made a few prints, it was hard to tell the originals from the copies.   

Pattypan Squash


Another problem with drawing on envelopes was that I would find it hard to position the drawing well on the page.  I like the idea of printing on envelopes and sending these drawings off in the mail, so I decided to mostly work on drawing paper, then transfer the image to envelopes later.   

Hollyhock, my favorite flowering plant

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