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Saratoga ABC Book, Time to Celebrate

Accordion Book made by children, assembled by Paula Krieg

This past week final touches were put on to the Alphabet Book that St.Clement’s Second Graders had started earlier this year.   The children’s original pages were on display in a very long row, and the books were displayed on separate tables.

After parents and students viewed the books, and after younger family members ran around the big open area of the exhibit area,  the second graders read their original poems to an enthusiastic audience.

I, of course, had fun setting up  and photographing the books at home.   This structure, the wide accordion with tipped on pages, can be set up in many ways.

Accordion books set up in a circle by Paula Krieg

A surprise highlight of the show was the absolutely over the top cake created by graphic designer mom Ann Frankowski.  Not only did she design the cover of the book, she also made a cake to mimic the cover!

A slight typo occured on the cake when the lid of the box stuck to the final “s” of Saratoga Springs.  Sadly, there is no photoshops applications that can work on a real cake in real space.

Another highlight of the evening was when the school presented one of the four copies of the A-Z book to the children’s librarian of the Saratoga Springs Public Library.  The book was handed to her, wrapped a case.

Ann Frankowski also made a power point presentation of the book, which was shown along with the children’s recitation of their poems.  Hopefully I will be able to post a link to this presentation at some time in the future.

I, happily, want to add that this program is funded in part by the Saratoga Program for Arts Funding (SPAF) part of the Decentralization Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts, administered by the Saratoga Arts.

7 thoughts on “Saratoga ABC Book, Time to Celebrate

  1. What fun to see the event captured in your blog! Thanks for the mention, and you got a picture of the cake – you’re too good!

    The books are truly beautiful. Thanks Paula, everything came together so wonderfully and I know that’s because of your many hours of meticulous attention!

    What a creative project the kids are so proud! Miss talking to you every other day – have a great summer!


    1. Thanks, Ann. I have to say that in the twenty+ years that I have been making books with students, there has never been a parent who has enriched a project of mine as much as you have enriched this one. It was such a pleaure to partner with you and to have your refined aesthetic and you professional design skills enhance the pages of these books. And I especially like the cake….


    1. Thanks Cindy,
      I’m glad that you had a look at these photos. Did you notice that Gabe is in one of the photos?
      IT was a lovely, wonderfully choreographed celebration that you all put together. Working the St. Clement’s School, both children, parents and staff, was a pleasure for me in every way. I am grateful to you for helping to make it happen.
      I hope your family is enjoying Saratoga this summer.


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