Outdoor Art

School Garden, Dancing Scarecrows

Dancing Scarecrow

A  lovely  garden is springing up  outside the windows  of school children in Indian Lake,  New York.   Students and teachers have been working  together to plant strawberries, lettuce, and other vegetables and flowers.   The fourth grade teacher,  Deb Starling,  invited me up to the school to help the students put together something that would celebrate the garden. We made two dancing figures, which I thought of as kids in the garden.  Because they are shiny, I hope that they will be discourage birds from raiding the bounty.  We also made shiny garlands to hang on the nets around the garden.

Students from Pre-K  through Fifth grade participated in creating the garlands and the figures.  We did our  work  in the air-conditioned library (thank you, Ms Starling).  At the end of the day the fourth grade class carried everything out to the garden.

Garlands aroudn the garden

Wood and recycled materials were used to  make the garlands and these dancing scarecrows.

We began by scrunching up the metalic ribbon that is left over from making sequins.  The Pre-K and Kindergardeners were excellent scrunchers. Students  then wrapped these ribbons around picece that my dear husband  had made  late Sunday afternoon.  The pieces he made resembled large tinker-toys.    

Making Scarecrow limbs

The garlands were made by scrunching many ribbons together.  At occasional intervals we hung a tassle of colorful surveyers tape.  The school librarian, George, recommended that we also hang some of these ribbons from the hands of the figures.  This touch help to further create a sense of movement. 

The heads were made from wrapped soda bottles. 

In a few days the students will be out of school for the summer.  Hopefully these dancing figures will keep the garden filled with the feeling of their presence.

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