Modified Pamphlet Stitch for Children

April 24, 2010

Pamphlet Stitch for Children

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     The best way to make a pamphlet with children in a classroom is, in my opinion, a wrap-around, no-needle lacing of yarn, cord,  or string.  The sequence of steps is exactly like the more grown-up version of the pamphlet stitch,  without the necessity of needles that can really slow down a class of seven-year olds.  Besides the colorful set of directions pictured above, I’ve also created a have a black and white version of this page. Enjoy! Send pictures!

3 Responses to “Modified Pamphlet Stitch for Children”

  1. […] attached the pages, five sheets of folded paper, with the modified pamphlet stitch (using 2mm satin rattail cord), hence the notches at the head and tail of the spine. The pages are […]


  2. Bernice Says:

    This is such a good idea, my Granddaughter will love this. She is five and loves making things, she is good with her hands. Thank you.


  3. […] decided to do a modified pamphlet stitch to bind all the papers and cover together so that I would  have to make only one hole in the spine […]


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