Books for Poetry by First Graders

March 17, 2010

 This week I finished up helping  96 first grade students make books for the lovely poems that they wrote under the guidance of their classroom teachers.  First, we made a large origami pamphlet from a  17″  x 23″ sheet of 67lb cover paper (lilac).  We then made a book cover with pockets for storing unfinished poetry and drawings.  Some poems were hand-written by students; other poems were type-written by teachers.  Students learned how to make decorative borders, using the letters of the alphabet W, O, I, X, and V.  A title page was added, and covers were decorated with geometric shapes

Poetry Books made by First Graders

Picture 009

Poetry Books made by First Graders

Starting a Border Design

Here the student has started making a border design using the letters W, V and O.  The green paper in the middle is a sticky note, which is acting as a “place holder;’ when the student finishes writing  a poem,  the sticky note will be removed and the poetry page will be glued in.

Book Page in Progress

More Border Designs

Cat Poem Page by a First Grade Student

A Selection of Book Covers Designed using 2 1/2″ Squares

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