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Saratoga Springs Alphabet Book, OH They Are Coming Together


Nearly Completely Pages for Saratoga Alphabet Book

Saratoga ABC,                  Post  #3

I have been meeting , weekly, with Saratoga Springs second graders, creating design elements to use on pages in an alphabet book . The different letters of the alphabet refer to places in Saratoga.  Under the guidance of their teachers, students wrote exquisite poems to go along with their landmarks.   My work with the students included making  small watercolor washes , which many students used to frame the “illuminated letters” that we made. Students drew pictures of their landmarks and  made colorful corners to frame their poems.  Since this is an alphabet book, I asked students to make decorative borders, I spoke to students about using the shapes of letters as a starting point.

Making Border Designs Using Letter Shapes

 Here’s a sampling of their borders.  I was pleased to see the individualized results of their work.   

We still have a bit of a way to go before we are done.  Yesterday Cora, at Paper Dolls of Saratoga printed out four copies of each of the alphabet pages.  Next time I meet with students they will be handed these copies.  You may have noticed a big blank space on the pages?  Here, students will insert either folded card mounted on a paper spring, a simple accordion placed inside of an origami pocket, or an expanding square.  On these interactive elements will be facts about Saratoga landmarks.  These facts were researched and written by students with the help of their parents, then transfered to computer  and laid out by graphic designer and  mother Ann Frankowski.  When the students finish the handwork, the pages will be ready to bind.

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