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Illuminating Our Letters

Illuminated Letters by children
Letters Illuminated by Second Grade Students

Saratoga ABC, post #2

This past week I gave two classes of 7 and 8 year olds  a lesson about illuminated letters.   Before the class began I visited the school library: the wonderful librarian there was able to promptly direct me to books had examples of illuminated letters, which I then showed the students.   We talked about how, during the Middle Ages, all books were handwritten, and about the care that the scribes took in producing manuscripts. 

The students seemed genuinely intrigued by the notion that a letter can be a work of art.  I then gave them outlines of letters  (Font: Boulder, Size: 242 Points) printed on colored papers,  Using Gel Markers and Prismacolor pencils, every child did a wonderful job of illuminating their letters.  They were very pleased to be told that they could color outside the lines, as the letters would be cut out.  I did the cutting.

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