Binding Loose Papers

Loose Leaf Notebook


Notebook by Paula Beardell Krieg
Loose Leaf Notebook

This is one of the notebooks that I made following the instructions in the previous post.  For this notebook I used Stardream cover weight paper for the cover and wide-ruled notebook paper for the pages.  I like using the wide-ruled paper because it is a bit narrower and shorter than college-ruled paper, so it sits in between the covers in a way that I like visually.    

Blue Notebook
The notebook on the left is made with blue cover stock, with grape cover stock on the spine. This is the sort of paper that I usually use with students in schools.  Lots of color options.
  One of things that I want to give special mention to are the brass paper fasteners that hold the pages to the flap in the book.  Almost no one is familiar with paper fastener any more,  but they are a handy, no- fuss way of attaching papers.  Nearly all supply closets in schools have them buried in the back shelves, collecting dust.  Something else to keep in mind:  the size of the heads on paper fasteners vary, so I usually buy the ones that are 1 1/2″ long, which means that the heads will be large enough not to slip through the holes in the paper.
Opening Page of Notebook. Click to Enlarge


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