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Festive Boxes

Bookmakers BoxesA year ago June, I came across a box-case structure in a crafts store in Granville, NY.  The way it is constructed, using  both book making and paper-folding techniques, appealed to me, so I bought one to use as a template.  Box for Book BindersThis past month, inspired by the holiday season, I pulled out some of my paste papers and made a few.  The dynamic way the mini-boxes reveal themselves when the case opens is unexpected: unfortunately, static photos do not convey the surprising movement of these little shelf-boxes.

Here are the specs:    Each box needs four pieces of 2 1/4″ x 5″ board, and one piece of board that is 1″x 5″. (I used cardboard that I salvaged from pads of lined paper.)  The inside shelves are made with 6″squares of text weight paper, and the lids are made with 7″ squares (I used Stardream text weight papers, Ruby, Gold, and Malachite).  Both the inside shelves and the lids are made following Classic Origami Box Directions: it takes a bit of time for this link to load, but it is worth the wait. Or you can look at this UK site for fasterg loading Traditional Origami Box instructions in B&W.

Box of Boxes for BookbindersFor the case, I used two pieces of paste papers. For outside of the case, the paper measures 6″ x 11 1/2″; the inner piece is 10 1/4″ x 4 7/8″.

3 thoughts on “Festive Boxes

    1. Hi susan,
      there’s really two boxes in this post: the little origami boxes and the box that contains them all. I’m not sure which box you are interested in making, but if you check back in the post you’ll see links to pages on how to make the little origami boxes. If it is the outter box you are interested in, simply cut thin board according to the specs in the post, paste them on to a piece of decorative paper (see last paragraph of post) a boards width apart, then cover with the smaller sheet of paper (again, see last paragraph of post) . Then, taking a look at the second photo of the post, glue the little origami boxes on to this cover piece,so that each box is glued to a separate board in such a way that they won’t bump into each other when the the cover closes.

      If I ever make a step by step handout, with drawings, of this structure, I will let you know! In the meantime, theses wordy directions can get you on the right path. good Luck!


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