origami pamphlet

Origami Pamphlet, Unadorned


Here’s the Origami Pamphlet in the raw, waiting for content, or for structural changes. The simplicity of this book structure, its folds and doubled pages suggest all sorts of permutations.  For starters, since all the content is on just one side of the paper, this eight-page book can easily turn into a small or large edition; numerous pamphlets can be joined together to make a substantial feeling book, the proportions and size of the paper used can be varied to create pamphlet of varying proportions; windows can be cut into every other page without affecting each following page; markers or glue which bleed through or cause crinkling will not affect verso side; the folds accept pop-ups well; the book can be expanded to reveal an inner space, which can be view by cutting a window into certain pages; the placement of the middle cut can be varied to create a book of an entirely different shape and turrets can be cut into the upper edges so that the Origami Pamphlet morphs into a convincing castle.

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